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As I began my self-healing journey through meditation, I found my hands pulsing with energy. Once I discovered reiki, Iife was never quite the same again. Self-reiki has been a form of self-compassion that has been absent my entire life. This newfound self-compassion is my basis for sharing my reiki practice with you. May you find solace during a reiki session, a compassionate natural healing approach to what is troubling you – whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

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I felt rejuvenated.


I booked a 90 minute Reiki session. Yoshi was great and highly professional.

The ambiance was soothing. We had a quick discussion about my stress and anxiety situation. She started working her Reiki on my back, shoulder and throughout my whole body. After the session I felt refreshed and …

I highly recommend her!


I've had a lot of stressful issues and anxiety due to work and covid. I worked with Yoshi over multiple sessions and each time I feel an energy shift or clarity around answers I’ve been looking for.

Her sessions are calm and relaxing, and feels like such a treat! I highly recommend her to anyone who …

My chakras were all in balance


I loved our session and can’t wait to do another! I had a healing session with a friend the week after and she said she could tell you really helped clean me up as she said my chakras were all in balance and my crown was really in tune! Super cool!

Looking forward to my next session!

I've never been this calm and relaxed!


I've never been this calm and relaxed in my life!

Felt like a big hug.


The entire session starting with the hands-on portion felt like a big hug, from the first reiki hand position to the last position.

All sorts of bounty into my life.


Yoshi's reiki energy sessions have brought all sorts of bounty (and a boyfriend!) into my life.


October 22, 2022

Volunteering with Bridge Hospice

Fremont, CA For the past year, I've been furtunate to be able to volunteer with Bridge Hospice. The staff there are kind, thoughtful, and very organized. ...

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September 21, 2022

SVLG Women's Leadership Summit

“Leading a Wellness Moment” One fine day, I opened up my email and was pleasantly surprised to find a request to lead a 10 minute “Wellness Moment” from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. ...

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