September 21, 2022 by Yoshi Ramanujam

SVLG Women's Leadership Summit

“Leading a Wellness Moment”

One fine day, I opened up my email and was pleasantly surprised to find a request to lead a 10 minute “Wellness Moment” from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. For their inaugural Women in Leadership Summit, entitled “Mobilizing Our Power .” I accepted their request with enthusiasm and started preparing for the event. At first I tried to write down ideas, but it was laborious and time consuming. I finally decided to set a timer for 10 mins and just free-style. After several rounds of this over several days, I settled down on the basic ideas I wanted to incorporate. Then I sat down and transcribed it.

On the day of, I was nervous and excited. It helped immensely that everyone at the summit - staff as well as attendees were very kind and supportive. I knew I could succeed. And if anything didn’t go as planned, I told myself I’d find the humor in the situation and then continue on. No one is perfect. When it was my turn, I visualized the audience as my reiki clients and that instantly put me at ease when I was mic’d and up at the podium. I was taken aback when I began with “hi” as I heard my voice amplified throughout the room. But I quickly recovered and everything else went smoothly.

It was an additional treat to attend all the other speakers’ events at the conference. I was inspired to hear C-suite women share their stories and give advice.

My favorite quotes

“It’s not a no, it’s a not yet.”

“Aim higher”

“Everyone, including the VP, is possibly doing that job for the first time.”

“Failure isn’t the end of the road. Failure is a part of success.”

“I have self-confidence because if I don’t know how to do something,

I know I can learn how to do it.”

“I wasn’t a natural at it, but I learned. I taught myself.”

“Not everyone will be on board with your vision. You have to find your people.”

“Cold calls are difficult, but if you can get a soft introduction, it can go a long way.”

“You’re a first time founder, how are you sleeping? - Oh, I sleep like a baby. I go to bed at night and wake up every two hours crying.”


Guided meditation for you to follow and in the comfort of your home:

“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” - Michelle Obama


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